Our Philosophy

Our people understand international businesses, why each business decision is different and most importantly how to help them be successful.

Our people combine their international market experience with our international management expertise in launching and expanding international business means we are uniquely positioned to help customers in the successful delivery of international projects.

We are known for our business intelligence insights, global networks and ability to deliver projects and programs through a proactive, practical and pragmatic approach. 

Our people make our business.

We pride ourselves in our people.  International Investment Service brings together professionals from diverse disciplines with complementary skills from across the globe to generously share their knowledge, skills and ideas.

Our people are passionate about growing our global knowledge to share with our clients. Our client facing Market Specialists and our internal teams thrive on international team-work.  Our people share their skill and networks within the firm to allow easy collaboration between colleagues who may be on opposite sides of the world, but are working on the same or similar projects. 

Our customers engage our people for their experience. Customers encourage our people to challenge their assumptions and plans to optimise their results. Customers trust our people to represent and protect them from being exploited as they enter new markets.

People work for International Investment Service to work with our brilliant international experts, service ambitious clients and experience a world where we can make it little bit better for us all by living our values.

We believe in growing together

Our people are our shareholders. They live by their service.  Our committed staff, deliver exceptional service for our clients evidenced with over 80% of work from repeat clients, our people are trusted to deliver.  This is true team work where our people‚Äôs commitment to your business is personal.  We want to see your business goals exceeded, your people enriched and your ambitions evolve even higher and further across the globe.