In-Market Facilitation, Establishment and Introductions

Our in-market facilitation services works with to bring your management up to speed on local market and business issues and expand their support networks as fast as possible.  We can make free introductions to government agencies and deliver program management for your new market entry.  The choice is yours.

  • Registration and establishment of your business and supporting systems to focus your management team on new market business development and expansion.
  • Ex-pat management support and introduction to in-market providers and supply chain to accelerate the delivery of the business establishment and expansion.
  • Introduction to in-market government representatives for free so that they can ensure you leverage all available support.

International Investment Service we will never accept fees or charge for government introductions. We only work with legitimate and transparent governments seeking legitimate business investment through due process. International Investment Service provides this service as a non-profitable/cost recovery for labour services agreed in advance.