International Investment Service Signs with EY to Deliver UKTI’s Financial Analysis Service

Category: Financial Analysis Services - September 16, 2014

International Investment Service has signed with EY to roll out, launch and support the financial analyst service to the UK Trade and Investment global network to demonstrate the attractiveness of the UK as the best value for money location based on profit, quality and geo-political risk.

Paul Webster of International Investment Service said “After a successful pilot UKTI will provide our service to their global network. Initially, the model will be launched to the USA network, followed by India and China, before expanding out to Europe, Asia Pacific and LATAM. We look forward to continuing our work with UK Trade and Investment on this global project and are excited to work with EY.”

The model developed by International Investment Service for UK Trade and Investment will support the government’s industrial strategy with focus on highly skilled industries including a focus on re-shoring manufacturing to the UK.

International Investment Service will deliver the tool and commercial development training for UKTI’s global network for strategic and financial discussions with investors as well as capturing market intelligence with investor interaction.

International Investment Service provides the following support to businesses:

  • Decision Support: demonstrate the trade-offs an organisation must balance to deliver their strategic ambitions across cost management, operating profit, market entry, quality of industry value chain and staffing, geopolitical risk and financial risk awareness.
  • Market Entry: determine the most profitable and attractive locations to commence or expand business operations into international markets.
  • Government Support: identify and understand key market propositions to compete in the increasingly competitive world of investment promotion and facilitation.
  • Board Member Services and Representation: giving your investment local presence and governance in international markets focused on your interests so you can focus on your core business.

Please contact the team in either Sydney or London to learn how we can help your customers to realise their strategic ambition. Whether your company needs advice on taking the first steps of international expansion or protecting their international investment we are available. Contact use here.

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